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It turns out that Fagin is a career criminal who trains orphan boys to pick pockets for him. After a few days of training, Oliver is sent on a pickpocketing mission with two other boys.

Oliver Twist

When he sees them swipe a handkerchief from an elderly gentleman, Oliver is horrified and runs off. He is caught but narrowly escapes being convicted of the theft. Brownlow, the man whose handkerchief was stolen, takes the feverish Oliver to his home and nurses him back to health. Oliver thrives in Mr.

Fagin sends Oliver to assist Sikes in a burglary. Oliver is shot by a servant of the house and, after Sikes escapes, is taken in by the women who live there, Mrs. Maylie and her beautiful adopted niece Rose. They grow fond of Oliver, and he spends an idyllic summer with them in the countryside.

But Fagin and a mysterious man named Monks are set on recapturing Oliver. Monks obtains and destroys that locket. Pursued by his guilty conscience and an angry mob, he inadvertently hangs himself while trying to escape. Their father, Mr. Monks has been pursuing Oliver all along in the hopes of ensuring that his half-brother is deprived of his share of the family inheritance.

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Fagin is hung for his crimes. Finally, Mr. Although this story was written well over one hundred and fifty years ago, it continues to make people see life from a different perspective.

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  • Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England in the year to a fairly large family. He was the second of eight children in a family that dealt with many financial issues Info Better Essays words 3. In fact, the whole workhouse is filled with young boys just like Oliver who are underfed, and forced to work harder than they should. Better Essays words 7.

    The adventures of Oliver Twist

    He is known for many of his creative writing styles. Many things happened during the time period of the writing of that story. Those things only happen to people every couple of months, well in this time period, it happened to Charles all the time Better Essays words 2. The story of the novel centers round an orphan named Oliver Twist, whose mother died immediately after his birth in a workhouse. The novel focuses on the social injustice done to the orphans in the Victorian period.

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    The main thread of the plot unravels the nature of the criminal world consisting of characters like Fagin, Sikes, Jack Dawkins, Nancy and Betsey. Better Essays words 4.

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    It was Dickens first novel written under his own name when he was 24 years old and in it he already reveals his sharp, but comic comments and criticism. From the start Dickens makes it clear to the reader that poor people and the children of poor people; most especially a baby born illegitimately; were of no consequence in the s. Being the cliched young and ever-innocent child by Charles DIckens, Oliver is brought up in an orphanage before being sent out to a workhouse to find work for himself.

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    So instead Oliver is driven into the world of crime. After many trials and tribulations, he succeeds, being adopted by a kind old man in the end. Pretty boring right. However, this tale could not have ended well if not for certain occurrences