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This is the column that is typically used to retrieve unique rows of data from the table.

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But this value may be difficult for us to remember as it has no relevance to our data. Also, we have already identified our unique primary keys and should capture this in the table design. The next step will show you how to re-design the table to take care of this. Now our table looks good. You can similarly edit the other 2 tables in Design view, to alter their primary key, set currency data type and add additional data into all the tables so we can play with it in successive steps. This can be cumbersome to do in Excel but is effortless in Access.

The key is in defining table relationships. You will see a dialog box that lists all tables. Double click on each table until they are seen in the background relationships view.

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But right now, there is nothing special about this view. Our tables are simply listed, disconnected. Expense Name field. A dialog box should open as follows:. What we are doing here is creating a one-to-many relationship between the Expense Name of Regular Expenses table, and the Expense Name of Monthly Expenses table. This is perhaps the most significant and useful part of using Access over Excel. The next important step is to put this all together and view what our combined data looks like.

You will be prompted for:. But as you can see, this query shows all expense records, and not just the mismatched ones as highlighted in red.

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We recommend that you build on the tables and queries listed here attempting more complex operations. While your first few trysts with Microsoft Access may include a steep learning curve, we can guarantee the rewards your efforts will bring. Microsoft Access is a lightweight database tool that allows you to tap into greater power on your data with minimal effort.

So keeping going and happy Access-ing!!

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