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The authors provide an introduction to sociocultural theory that may be a good beginning point for readers interested in learning how it can be applied to science education events.

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However, since the exposition of the theory focuses only on a few key features, it is somewhat sparse. Additional reading would be needed for analysts to successfully use the theory to inform science learning. The use of key constructs from sociocultural theory in the analysis and interpretation of classroom discourse also provides insights into the workings of everyday life in classrooms. Particularly valuable are the concrete instances of how sociocultural theory informs science learning. The authors also provide a framework for analyzing classroom discourse that considers theories of language.

While the framework does not provide detailed application of soci- olinguistics, social semiotics, or other forms of conversational analysis, it does provide a sensible way to view classroom discourse.

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Researchers interested in developing a discourse- analytic approach will find this book especially useful, especially if it were supplemented with work dedicated to discourse-analysis methods such as that found in Gee Finally, the authors have provided some excellent examples of how to consider discourse in the planning of instructional sequences and how to incorporate thinking about classroom discourse into teacher education.

The framework presented is logical and well presented in a way that can benefit teachers and prospective teachers without a particular interest in discourse analysis.

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This is an important contribution, as discourse-analytic studies have not yet found as many openings to contribute to thinking about the practice of constructing meaning in classrooms as have more traditional paradigms. This book represents a major step in the right direction, and I recommend it to all those interested in understanding classroom life. An introduction to discourse analysis: Theory and method.

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The tension between authoritative and dialogic discourse: A fundamental characteristic of meaning making interactions in high school science lessons. By Eduardo F Mortimer.

J04 Plakitsi Piliouras Efthimiou fqs. By Katerina Plakitsi.

Meaning Making In Secondary Science Classrooms

By Birgitte Lund Nielsen. Identification, Interpretation—Evaluation, Response: An alternative framework for analyzing teacher discourse in science. By Loucas Louca. An analysis of the supports and constraints for scientific discussion in high school project-based science. By Nonye Alozie.

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Meaning making in secondary science classrooms

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The chapter begins by showing that the task of a science teacher is often to enable students to move from an everyday view of a physical phenomenon to a scientific one. Interpreting this sequence, he shows that the teacher's success depended both on domain-specific scientific knowledge and on their skill in managing different modes of talk appropriately.

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Meaning making in secondary science classrooms

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