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Roche, Vol.

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Vol 3. Francis Roche — from the village of Elton in south Co Limerick was a violinist, pianist and dancer, and a teacher of music and dance. His father and two brothers were of the same profession, and they ran a family academy in Limerick city from about and later in Elton with outreach to neighbouring areas. They taught Irish music and Irish dancing, but also popular classical music and ballroom dancing. From about , Francis began compiling and arranging a collection of music for publication.

Francis Roche Collection 3

Joyce, who loaned him manuscripts. The contents were noted down from oral tradition and from manuscripts of his father and others.

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Night Sounds with Flame for recorded bird calls and sensitive flame. Spira Mirabilis for bass sustaining instrument and electric light. The Sacred Fox for voice with gourds, bowls, boxes and other resonant vessels.

Francis Roche Collection 3

Wind Shadows for solo trombone with closely tuned pure wave oscillators. Serenade sound installation in collaboration with the sculptor Trimpin. Panorama for trombone and piano. Indian Summer for electronic cello.

Green Flag Band - "The Gentle Maiden"

In Memoriam Stuart Marshall for bass clarinet and pure wave oscillator. Music for Piano with Half-closed Lid sound installation or performance with dancers. Six Geometries for chorus with slow sweep pure wave oscillators. Navigations for Strings for string quartet. Possible Time and Motion Reversals work-in-progress for five players, two pure wave oscillators.

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Amplifier and Reflector One for open umbrella, roasting pan, and amplified clock. Music for Piano with Amplified Sonorous Vessels Nothing is Real Strawberry Fields Forever for piano, amplified teapot, tape recorder and miniature sound system. Self-Portrait for solo flute and wind anemometer. Clackers and Swoopers for three fire engine sirens and dancers with blocks of wood. Carbon Copies for saxophone, piano, percussion and environmental recordings.

Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra for amplified triangle. A Tribute to James Tenney for solo double bass and pure wave oscillators.

air no 1 the gentle maiden violin 2 Manual

Sound on Paper sound installation or performance for framed paper, loudspeakers and audio oscillator. Septet for three winds, four strings and pure wave oscillators. In Memoriam Jon Higgins for clarinet and pure wave oscillator.

Spinner sound installation for six closely tuned pure wave oscillators. Eleven Solos and a Duet for female voice, clarinet, flute, horn, mallet instruments and a string quartet. Seesaw sound installation for one fixed and one slow sweep pure wave oscillator.

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Crossings for small orchestra with slow sweep pure wave oscillator. Sferics sound installation and recordings of ionospheric disturbances, for large-loop antennas, tape recorder and playback system. Reflections of Sound from the Wall for audio oscillator and moving wall.

Gentle Maiden (The)

Music for Pure Waves, Bass Drums and Acoustic Pendulums sound installation and performance for slow sweep oscillator, loudspeakers, bass drums and suspended ping pong balls. Words on Windy Corners for voices, tape delay system and moving loudspeakers. Lullaby for Amanda for solo voice, unamplified or amplified. Solar Sounder I sound installation powered and controlled by sunlight. In collaboration with electronic designer John Fullemann. Clocker for performer with galvanic skin response sensor, audio digital delay system, amplified clock and small loudspeakers.

Ghosts for audio oscillator, loudspeakers, and performer with sound-sensitive light. Directions of Sounds from the Bridge sound installation and performance for stringed instrument, audio oscillator and sound-sensitive lights. Music on a Long Thin Wire sound installation for audio oscillator and electronic monochord. Tyndall Orchestrations for female voice, sensitive flame, players with bunsen burners and glass tubes, and recorded birdcalls. Bird and Person Dyning for performer with microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers and electronic birdcall.

Outlines of Persons and Things for microphones, loudspeakers and electronic sounds.